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Nlink is the premium contract sales force for the energy industry.

We connect exceptional service companies and technologies with operators.

Nlink assists technology and service companies along the sales process. From startups looking to establish their business to organizations in need of sales reps to scale, Nlink’s broad engineering and sales experience helps build connections that ensure satisfactory relationships between service companies and operators. Nlink’s large engineering and sales staff allows us to offer a premium sales team who understand operations, provide premium sales guidance, and can open doors quickly.

Why choose Nlink?

Natalie Hegg, Nlink's founder
Founder Natalie Hegg
Natalie Hegg, Nlink's founder

“I worked on the other side of the desk as a Completions and Production Engineer for 10 years before coming into sales. I understood that to be good at sales, you need to always bring value to the customer. Therefore, I used my experience and this methodology at my first sales job and now with Nlink and have had tremendous success. Nlink is unique because we understand what it takes to be a good partner on both sides and how to add value for a win.”

We only represent best in class technology companies.

We have long-standing relationships and a network with a proven track record of getting business fast.

We understand how to navigate through operators’ hierarchy to find the right person and close the sale.

We bridge the gap between sales and operators by combining our technical experience with our ability to build strong relationships.

The companies we represent are high-graded through customers’ recommendations, research, interviews, and field office reviews.

What Nlink can do for you

As sales professionals with engineering experience, we connect operators with great products and companies. We understand the needs and wants of production and completion teams so that we can bring them the best-fit solutions.

Nlink has trusting relationships built on bringing the greatest service companies to operators and introducing outstanding technology to help optimize engineers’ times and improve their efficiency. Our network knows that the companies we represent are accountable and transparent, and that we always answer the phone to listen to their needs.

As Nlink contributed with multiple teams, we have received many recommendations from energy companies currently using the services we found for them. It’s always good to have name recognition in the industry when introducing new technologies.


About Nlink's founder

"I graduated from Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University and started my O&G engineering career onshore in Oklahoma in Tulsa in 2008. I then moved to Houston in 2010 and rotated through multiple roles and regions from Reservoir Engineering to Drilling and Operations.

After my training rotation, I became an Operations Engineer, managing offshore field assets for 8 years. In 2012, I moved to a privately held company.

Natalie Hegg, Nlink's founder

Natalie Hegg

This has given me operations experience from very large super-majors to mid-size to small private equity. So I know what to look for to evaluate a promising technology or service company and understand how to pitch new ideas to all different types of executives. I understand how to collaborate with my peers to support projects and ideas before even going to the boss, and I know how to keep the business by making sure the field guys support the product and carry it out correctly.


This knowledge plays a huge role in the success and sustainability of a product or technology. Being able to talk to the field operators all the way up to the executive level to get a project approved and completed is key to success.”

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"I have been working with Natalie and NLink for the past 3 years. Natalie’s expertise, hard work, and knowledge have delivered and exceeded the business results we were planning on. Moreover, her advice and insights and straightforward feedback helped us focus on the things that mattered to our customers and improved our business and go-to-market strategy."

Jim Thom, Quorum & Corva, Business and Sales Executive 

Client testimonials

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