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Meet Nlink’s story

Natalie Hegg founded Nlink in Houston, Texas, in February 2020, just one month before the whole world shut down and negative oil came about.


Trying to sell products in an environment where everyone was shutting down presented many challenges: There were no more in-person sales meetings, and engineers were worried about losing their jobs. The whole sales world changed during this time. But we dared to turn those challenges into opportunities. Nlink sold great technologies and services to over 20 new businesses during this year, and then sustained this business in 2021 and added 8 more companies.

Currently, we have our office in Houston, Texas, and we also operate in Midland, Dallas, Colorado, OKC, Tulsa, and Pennsylvania. 

Nlink pattern

Nlink’s core values

Accountability, transparency, integrity, finding solutions, and connecting exceptional companies with operators.

Natalie Hegg, Nlink's founder

Natalie Hegg

I’ve always been outgoing and enjoyed making real connections with people around me. Talking to them about their problems or simply surprising them with things they might need, bringing vulnerability to the table, and building trust and a feeling of loyalty came naturally.

That is probably why I slowly moved from my formal engineering career to the service side as a sales professional. My long experience as an operator gave me invaluable insights into what it takes to adopt a new technology when team workflows are already in place - even when said technology improves efficiency, in the end, reducing the amount of long nights for engineers.

A few weeks into February 2020, I decided to do what had been my calling for the last years: founding Nlink, a premium contract sales force for the energy industry, bringing together my natural and learnt skills to unite operators with top tier service and technology companies.

In March 2021 my family and I moved to Denver, expanding Nlink’s network from Texas to Colorado. We are currently based in Houston, Texas. And two years after founding, my goal hasn’t changed: to be a premium sales team that will go to the ends of the earth to build connections between engineering projects and great service and technology companies.

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