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Increasing sales and revenue is possible when you dedicate time to really understand the issues engineers and operators face.

Get a premium, flexible salesforce for your products, services, and technologies.

Finding the right salespeople who already have a network and can open doors and close sales quickly is both essential and very expensive.

Nlink understands there is a gap in the market: in-house salespeople are often not perceived as objective when presenting their company’s services, which makes trusting relationships harder to build.

This is what Nlink offers: a premium sales team who can help you in every phase of your sales journey, with a proven track record, a trusting network in place, high standards for technology quality, and low up-front investment.

Our inspiration and commitment are focused on building close, long-term, and bidirectional relationships between field operators, energy companies, and exceptional service and tech companies. We are the perfect connection between service companies and operators because we’ve been on both sides of the market.

We can help your company to validate your product, get into new businesses, increase revenue fast, and get name recognition in the marketplace without the risk of hiring an expensive salesperson in a volatile oil market.

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Is a contract sales organization right for you?

The sales process is very different depending on the stage your company is currently in. The kind of networking and sales strategies that you need require different skills and different size sales teams. Nlink brings many opportunities to the table, while giving you the flexibility to increase or decrease your sales force as needed.

We represent only premium service & tech companies. If your service or technology is valuable, Nlink can help you grow along the sales process: whether you need someone to get your company started, scale your sales, or strengthen your business relationships to maintain and grow your client base.

Our Packages

If you have a new service product or technology that you need to bring to the market, but need help getting things started, you will require a variety of contacts and advice, from legalities to understanding of the market, whether your idea has a target, and assessing your place among competitors. Nlink offers a network that will provide you with critical feedback needed to improve your product or service.

 If you have a proven product or technology, a sales strategy, and maybe even a sales team, but you need help scaling your business - this is the package for you. We call it the “hunters” package with the goal of connecting you with as many prospective clients as possible. We will need to make sure your company fits the Nlink brand before we sign you on. This is very important to our brand.

If you need help maintaining sales in an account or “growing” that specific account with further products, this is the package for you. This package is for organizations who have business already within these accounts, but just need help growing them with additional product lines or maintaining them.

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Companies Nlink represents

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